Since 1998, the HEAROS High Fidelity Series has been an international best seller in the music community because it provides performance, comfort and protection to musician’s most valuable asset…their hearing.  Additionally, from a value standpoint, it provides the exact same ability to protect as other custom molded ear plugs that can cost ten times as much.  The product is washable, reusable and can lost quite a long time with proper care.  HEAROS offers 2 sizes and both come with the popular Pop case so you will always have your HEAROS either in your pocket, case or bag.

We’d like to share, from an audio perspective, as to what makes the HEAROS High Fidelity Series so unique and special.  From a literal aspect, the term “ear plug” in the case of this product is a misnomer because this product facilitates what musician’s want most…to hear all the highs and lows.  You can hear the sounds you want naturally…it’s almost as if you don’t have ear plugs in your ears!  The High Fidelity Series accomplishes this extraordinary feat through an engineering breakthrough called a “tuned resonator” in its core so that the sound waves remain unchanged when entering the ear.  The technical term for how the tuned resonator is non impactful to the sound waves passing through the plug is called “flat attenuation”.  With regular foam and reusable ear plugs, sound waves are bent and thus the accuracy of what you actually hear is slightly different than what is occurring around you.  With the HEAROS High Fidelity Series it is like you all of the sudden have the ability to turn the volume down at a concert or in a jam session and thus remaining in true high fidelity with the music.   For this reason, the HEAROS High Fidelity Series has been one of the best selling musician’s ear plugs since 1998.

There are two size available with the HEAROS High Fidelity Series, original and small for long term wear.  You ought to know that like any ear plug it’s personal preference related to comfort that will determine which one you enjoy best.  The original is slightly larger than the small so if you should know that you have larger or smaller ear canals then you might have a sense for which one you wish to start with.  The performance of both is identical.  Both original and small come with our popular Pop case.  We encourage you to keep your HEAROS in the case when not in use to ensure cleanliness and sanitary storage.

While we can describe online why the HEAROS High Fidelity Series is a breakthrough hearing protection product, it goes without saying that experiencing the ear plug first hand is mission critical.  Once you insert the product in both ears you will notice the product works and feels instantly comfortable.   If you’ve ever tried foam or reusable ear plugs, you will immediately recognize your ability to not only protect your hearing but hear all the highs and lows of the music you love.

So whether you’re using the HEAROS High Fidelity Series  for enjoying concerts, jam sessions or checking out a cool band at your favorite bar, you can have trust and confidence that you’re using the best musician ear plugs in the market.

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The HEAROS High Fidelity Series are available in two sizes: original and small for long term wear.  Both sizes have been tested and certified to provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 12 decibels.

Since 1992, the HEAROS brand has been a trusted protector in hearing protection and noise reduction.  HEAROS has sold more than 400 million pairs of ear plugs since its introduction as has been enjoyed by users of all ages for a variety of needs.


How HEAROS High Fidelity Series Can Protect You

  • Protect your hearing at concerts and jam sessions
  • Protect your hearing in loud environments at work and home
  • Block annoying noises while traveling
  • Protect your hearing when shooting guns
  • Block noise so you can focus and read


  • High fidelity ear plug allow the user to “hear all highs and lows”
  • Breakthrough technology: tuned resonator facilitates “flat attenuation” and doesn’t bend the sound waves
  • Triple flange design for comfort, protection, ease of insertion and removal
  • Certified hearing protection – Noise Reduction Rating 12 decibels
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Offers the same performance of other high fidelity options costing 10 times as much
  • Washable and reusable
  • While mainly used by musicians and concert goers, these ear plugs are ideal for all noise reduction and hearing protection needs
  • The HEAROS High Fidelity ear plugs should not be used sleeping, with a helmet or any activity where pressure could be applied to the stem.


HEAROS High Fidelity Series Ear Plugs Fitting Instructions: