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We’re proud and excited to introduce you to the HEAROS NexGen EZ Twist Series. Starting in 2011, HEAROS engineers began “white boarding” what the future of cutting edge ear plugs might look like. The net result of these extraordinary investments...


We’re proud and excited to introduce you to the HEAROS NexGen EZ Twist Series. Starting in 2011, HEAROS engineers began “white boarding” what the future of cutting edge ear plugs might look like. The net result of these extraordinary investments has been the formation of a HEAROS subsidiary, Bumble BE Holdings, LLC. (BBH)which is a private company designed to manage, maximize and protect the innovative intellectual property rights of HEAROS. As of this writing, BBH contains a precious “vault” of 24 patent pending or registered patented ear plug designs as well as 26 trademarks. For this reason, at HEAROS, we know the best is yet to come to delight your ears when it comes to innovations in ear plugs.

The first innovation release out of the BBH vault is the HEAROS EZ Twist Series. HEAROS has positioned EZ Twist as the first “hybrid” ear plug. We’ve chosen to the term hybrid because the ear plug combines the best of foam as well as reusable ear plugs to create a user experience that has been proven time after time to deliver a “Wow!” experience for any safety or retail user that tries the product. (please make video inserts of safety videos on YT of ridiculously awesome, tara and cesar throughout this description).

While there are many reasons to fall in love with the EZ Twist Series, the number 1 feature users love EZ Twist is because it is so easy to insert and fit! The ease of instant insertion and perfect fit is due to the wonderful combination of the firm stem and the super soft foam pod. All you have to do is insert and twist! Unlike traditional ear plugs that require “rolling” of the ear plug into a thin, tight cylinder before insertion, EZ Twist doesn’t require any touching of the tip. As a result, from a hygienic standpoint, EZ Twist is the safest ear plug HEAROS has ever made because the user never has to touch the foam ear pod prior to insertion. Again, just insert and twist. Once you try the HEAROS EZ Twist Series you’ll quickly realize why it won the DSN ECRM 2015 New Product of the Year Award. The award was received after the top national buyers of the retail drug trade overwhelmingly voted it the most innovative new product of the year.

In addition to its ease of use, perfect fit and high hygienic attributes the HEAROS EZ Twist provides a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 30 decibels. So what does that mean to you? In simplistic terms, like the Sun Protection Factor of sun tan lotions, where the higher the number, the better the protection, the Noise Reduction Rating provides an indicator of the level of protection one can reasonably expect to derive when wearing the product properly. Plainly stated, the higher the NRR, the higher the protection. What’s remarkable about the EZ Twist achieving a NRR 30 is that it has accomplished a protection level almost equivalent to a regular ear plug yet offers significantly more control that a regular ear plug simply cannot. Also, the EZ Twist comes with a handy convenience cord that regardless of whether you’re using the product for worker safety, studying, at a NASCAR race, mowing the lawn or gun shooting, you can easily hang the product around your neck and access it quickly to put your HEAROS immediately to work. Please note due to the firm stem, HEAROS does not recommend the item for sleep, while wearing a helmet or any activity where pressure could be applied against the stem.

So whether you’re using the HEAROS EZ Twist Series Foam Ear Plugs for noise reduction or hearing protection, you can have trust and confidence that you’re using the easiest, most comfortable and hygienic, NRR 30 hybrid ear plugs available.


HEAROS EZ Twist Series Foam Ear Plugs are proudly made of USA materials and the foam ear pods are composed from a proprietary formulation of polyurethane foam. The ear plugs have been tested and certified to provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 30 decibels.

Since 1992, the HEAROS brand has been a trusted protector in hearing protection and noise reduction. HEAROS has sold more than 400 million pairs of ear plugs since its introduction as has been enjoyed by users of all ages for a variety of needs.


How HEAROS EZ Twist Series Can Protect You ?

  • Protect your hearing in loud environments at work and home
  • Protect your hearing at concerts and jam sessions
  • Block annoying noises while traveling
  • Protect your hearing when shooting guns
  • Block noise so you can focus and read


  • The first hybrid ear plugs that combine the ease of insertion of a reusable ear plug with the comfort and protection of a foam ear plug.
  • Firm stem facilitates quick, easy and safe ability to guide the foam ear pods into the perfect position for comfort, fit, control and protection.
  • Handy convenience cord so the product can hang around user’s neck when not in use and support immediate quick to action insertion.
  • Certified hearing protection – Noise Reduction Rating 30 decibels
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for all of noise reduction needs such as studying, travel, meditation and reading.
  • Perfect for all of your hearing protection needs such as worker safety, concerts, loud events, gun shooting and mowing the lawn.
  • Ear plugs should not be used sleeping, with a helmet or any activity where pressure could be applied to the stem.

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