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HEAROS Sleep Pretty in Pink HEAROS PEARLS HEAR NOW Snap ‘n Sip

Retail Price: $1.99
 Helps Prevent Spills
 Extends Carbonation
 Fits All 12 oz Soda Cans


We all know that drinking from soda cans can be problematic. Whether they get knocked over, break your nails trying to open, are filthy from sitting on a truck or attracting annoying bugs, the Snap n' Sip soda can top can help turn many negatives in an enjoyable positive. Reusable and dish water safe.



Watch Snap ‘n Sip

  Watch our demonstration
video to see how easy the
Snap ‘n Sip is to use.

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Snap n' Sip soda can top for extended carbonation, cleanliness, nails breaking.