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HEAROS Sleep Pretty in Pink HEAROS PEARLS HEAR NOW Snap ‘n Sip
  • The First Pre-Rolled Silicone Ear Plugs
  • The Easiest and Fastest To Apply
  • High Quality, USA Made
  • Packaged by Handicapped Adults
  As America’s favorite ear plugs, HEAROS is committed to
developing the most innovative products for hearing
protection, noise reduction and water protection.

In 2011, HEAROS introduced PEARLS, the world’s first
pre-rolled silicone ear plugs. These unique, silicone-
based ear plugs provide you with a comfortable defense
against water protection and noise reduction. Plus, our
new manufacturing technology eliminates the hassel of
“rolling silicone”. With PEARLS, your silicone ear plugs
are ready for use as soon as you open the box!

PEARLS silicone ear plugs are available in two sizes. You
can purchase the larger adult size or you can purchase
the smaller size for women and kids!

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  Click to see pictures of the revolutionary new technology of PEARLS silicone ear plugs.

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PEARLS are the world's first and only pre-rolled silicone ear plugs made by HEAROS ear plugs.