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HEAROS Sleep Pretty in Pink HEAROS PEARLS HEAR NOW Snap ‘n Sip
Retail Price: $19.99
Enjoy Life Without Background Noise
Physician Recommended
Crystal Clear Design, Reusable

Let’s face it... Unwanted “social noise” can ruin a great
meal, a fun movie or family celebrations. Most importantly,
high decibel noise in social circumstances can also create
irreversible damage to your hearing.


HEAR NOW are the first “social ear plugs” because they help protect one’s hearing while enabling natural hearing and speech.  When you wear HEAR NOW ear plugs, it’s like you’re able to “turn down” the volume around you without impacting how you hear the sounds (which can occur with other types of ear plugs) or how you communicate with others.  Plus the product is made of a clear material so they appear almost invisible to others.   

Each box of HEAR NOW ear plugs comes with two premium ear plugs and a free carrying case.

Product Photo

  Click to see product picture of HEAR NOW, the world’s first “social ear plug”.

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HEAR NOW is the world's first social ear plug - Made By HEAROS, America's favorite ear plug brand.