World’s Finest Ear Plugs Review – HEAROS Protects Your Hearing & Reduces Noise!

By Monica Cohen, July 14th, 2010

Each year, 10 million Americans experience some form of hearing loss. What is most significant about that figure is that much of that could have been prevented. Every day, we are exposed to sound in our environment, sometimes at dangerous levels.

Finest Foam Ear Plugs In The World - Hearos

When exposed to harmful levels of noise, structures in the inner ear can become damaged. Once damaged, these structures cannot be repaired, making the hearing loss irreversible. Even if you do not work in a loud environment, or spend a lot of time using earphones or at concerts, normal everyday noise levels can still damage your hearing.

Noise-induced hearing loss is easily preventable. The use of disposable foam ear plugs is one of the most effective ways of preventing permanent damage. However, not all foam ear plugs are created the same. Every one of us is unique, and it is worthwhile to find ear plugs which fit our particular situation.

Whether we regularly work around loud equipment, listen to music at high volumes, or simply need to sleep in a noisy environment, finding the right ear plugs is important. That said, we think HEAROS offers the world’s finest ear plugs for many different types of users.

HEAROS… The World’s Finest Ear Plugs & America’s Favorite!!!

Launched in 1992, the HEAROS brand of ear plugs offers products to protect against hearing loss, reduce noise, and prevent water damage to the ear. They make some of the worlds finest ear plugs, and offer a wide variety of disposable foam ear plugs, making it is easy to find the perfect ones to fit your situation.

Ear plugs are not just for construction workers and rock stars – many of us would do well to use them on a daily basis. HEAROS offers over 10 different types of ear plugs to fit your needs. Their line of custom ear plugs for listening to music includes models which use state of the art technology to protect your hearing without reducing the quality of the music.

Do you sometimes need to sleep in a noisy environment? HEAROS has you covered with world’s finest foam ear plugs especially designed to help you fall asleep regardless of the noise level around you. HEAROS also offers ear plugs designed to protect your ears from water. Whether you are swimming, boating, or enjoying other water sports, you can be sure your ears will be protected with silicone ear plugs. Don’t take chances, start protecting your hearing today with HEAROS.

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