Small Ear Plugs – A Must For People With Small Ears & Kids!

By Monica Cohen, July 8th, 2010

Ours is a noisy world, and getting noisier by the day. Our environment, in nearly every corner of the world, daily gives us reason, be it noise, weather conditions, or activity, to take steps to prevent discomfort and protect our hearing.

One easy way to do both is to carry a supply of small ear plugs everywhere we go. It takes just a second to secure comfortably in our ears (see “Ear Plug Instructions“), and just as quickly take them out again. HEAROS definitely cares about the aural health of their customers, making many different kinds of comfortable and small ear plugs for just about any occasion.

Small Ear Plugs Protect Against Noise & More!

Noise aside, there are environmental reasons for earplugs. Swimming, or even showering, can expose our inner ear to water, chemicals, and painful “swimmer’s ear”.

Swimmer's Ear - Protect Against It With Ear plugs

Cold and wind can bring on an earache even with brief exposure. Airline travel and visits to high altitudes can result in “popping”, pressure, and pain. HEAROS makes several kinds of ear plugs for flying as well. To help store your reusable ear plugs, many products come with carrying cases included for free. Some, like HEAROS Multi-Use Silicone Ear Plugs can be washed and worn again.

Healthy, restful sleep can elude those who live in high-noise areas, work night shifts and sleep during the day, or share a bed with a snorer. Putting in small sleeping ear plugs leads to the peace and quiet that’s needed to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. HEAROS even makes “Sleep Pretty In Pink“, the world’s most popular ear plugs made exclusively for women in mind.

Rock n’ Roll is famous for loud, sometimes hearing-impairing music that can leave a “buzz” in the ears for days, but any kind of loud musical performance can have the same effect. Try sitting close to an orchestra’s horn section and see. Endorsed by musicians like Steve Vai and Stephen Perkins, HEAROS gives music lovers two different choices of ear plugs, for both players and audiences. The most popular rock concert ear plugs for small ears are High Fidelity HEAROS ear plugs.

Small Ear Plugs

Even people’s hobbies and avocations can be an assault to their ears. Gun, car, and motorcycle sports, for example, rev up the decibels, not only for the participants, but for spectators. “Skull Screws” were designed for bikers, but are equally good for other sports, as well as garages and the open road.

HEAROS, with their wide assortment and small sizes of ear plugs, is clearly at the forefront of noise reduction and hearing protection technology. When something so small, comfortable, and portable can safegaurd one of our most precious and important senses, it’s a no-brainer to use these cheap ear plugs. No one should be without them.

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