NRR 33 Earplugs – Protect Your Hearing With HEAROS Xtreme Ear Plugs

By Monica Cohen, May 28th, 2010

If you are concerned about noise pollution and the use of protective earplugs with an NRR of 33 (like HEAROS Extreme Protection ear plugs), you may want to read this blog.

Noise Pollution And Ear Plugs With NRR 33

About Noise Pollution And NRR 33 Ear Plugs

Noise pollution is considered to be any sound that enters the ear at a volume that is in excess of 85 decibels. For greater hearing health, it is recommended that exposure to noise pollution is minimized. Many popular, and some unavoidable, events produce sound well above this safe range of 85 decibels.

Unfortunately, exposure to higher decibel sounds, especially for an extended period of time, can result in damage to the nerves of the ear or hearing loss. Unfortunately, both hearing loss and nerve damage is often permanent and irreversible without the use of earplugs with a high NRR (at least 33).

Different Noise Levels Require Different Ear Plugs

If you are unfamiliar with decibel level generated from different activities, consider the following:

  • A motorcycle produces 100 decibels
  • A rock concert produces 115 decibels
  • A drag car racing produces 140 decibels
  • A shotgun blast produces 140 decibels.

Pain typically occurs for humans at 125 decibels. And, it is very possible that the eardrum could break at decibel levels above 160. Finally, death due to shocked human tissue occurs at 180 decibels. To put this into perspective, if a car stereo in the car next to you has ever been so loud that it caused your chest to vibrate, you’ve experienced noise pollution at the dangerous level of 150 decibels.

Protect Your Hearing Against Elective Noise Pollution With HEAROS NRR 33 Ear Plugs

Some of these sources of noise pollution are unavoidable. For example, a motorcycle or a loud stereo in the neighboring car are unexpected and cannot be controlled or planned for. However, some sources of dangerously loud sounds are experienced intentionally, such as a drag car race or a music concert. Because the ear is already exposed to so much unavoidable noise pollution on a daily basis, it is crucial that these known events are planned for and that appropriate ear protection is available and used properly.

A highly effective form of ear protection is the reusable foam earplug. These cheap ear plugs are often distributed at events where loud noises are likely. The NRR 33 foam earplug by HEAROS, the Xtreme Protection Series, has a noise reduction rating of 33.

NRR 33 Earplugs - Xtreme Protection HEAROS

This is extremely beneficial in preventing hearing damage. The NRR 33 foam ear plug, when used properly, reduces the decibel of noise pollution by 33 decibels. This would bring the noise level at a rock concert from 115 decibels to a much healthier decibel level of just 82. A rock concert attendee can protect his ears by reducing the decibels entering the ears from the potentially harmful level to a level that is lower than the maximum recommended decibel level.

With this important protection from potentially irreversible hearing loss readily available and easily affordable, the NRR 33 ear plug should be kept on hand by anyone who will knowingly be exposed to noise pollution. Ear nerve damage and permanent hearing loss that can result from excessive noise pollution is often easy to avoid when foam ear plugs, such as the NRR 33 earplugs, are properly used.

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