Mini Ear Plugs For Smaller Ear Canals – New High Fidelity Earplugs From HEAROS

By Monica Cohen, June 28th, 2010

Our hearing is very important and a source of much pleasure. We can hear many beautiful sounds around us – sounds of nature, songs, and sounds of the people we love.

Unfortunately, there are also unpleasant sounds around us as well – the sound of loud or high pitch noises at work or where we live, which can affect our hearing in a significant way. If you are one of the fortunate people to have good hearing, it is important to protect your hearing, as sometimes, we might take for granted this special gift from nature.

Ear Plugs For Small Ear - Mini Ear Plugs By HEAROS High Fidelity

Ear Plugs For People With Smaller Ear Canals?

There was a time when people with small ear canals felt very uncomfortable wearing ear plugs, which were much bigger than their ears. However, ear plugs have evolved and these days, there is a variety of styles and materials that are comfortable and easy to wear. There are even ear plugs designed for people who have a small ear canal – mini ear plugs. There are many styles, which tailored to a specific activity or noise level. Noise level is rated in decibels levels and ear plugs reduce noise pursuant to a noise reduction rating (also known as NRR). You should use a product that protects your hearing according to the level of noise that you are being exposed.

HEAROS, America’s favorite brand of ear plugs, makes a variety of ear plug styles. In fact, HEAROS offers ear plugs for many different activities such as earplugs for sleep, study, firearms, music, auto races, loud noise, travel, and water ear plugs.

People who have a small ear canal may benefit from mini ear plugs such as HEAROS High Fidelity ear plugs for smaller ear canals. These are designed for comfortable long-term use and are made of soft comfortable materials. They are washable and reusable, and they come in a package of one pair with a free casing for storage. You can buy these online or at leading retailers like Walgreens, Walmart, Rite-Aid, and Target.

If you avoided ear plugs because they felt uncomfortable in your small ear canals, you will benefit from this style, and will not have to expose your hearing to damaging noise anymore. Wear these “mini ear plugs” frequently to protect your hearing.

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