“Do Ear Plugs Contain Latex?” Asks Jenny

By Monica Cohen, September 5th, 2010

I just received an email from Jenny about ear plugs and latex.

Jenny writes, “I’m allergic to latex. That said, I would like to know if your ear plugs contain any latex?”

So you know, I receive about 10 emails a week which ask about the ingredients of HEAROS and Sleep Pretty in Pink ear plugs. About 99% of those questions are similar to the one above.

As for an answer, the polyurethane plugs that HEAROS manufactures (and all other manufacturer’s of polyurethane foam plugs) do contain an acrylic latex material. However, the classification “latex” is a very broad class of materials, which have a wide variety of chemical make-up.

Typically, the type of latex material that creates allergenic reactions is natural rubber latex.

Here’s a key point… The acrylic latex material used in the manufacture of the plugs is not a natural rubber latex, nor is it similar in characteristics to natural rubber latex.

I hope that helps Jenny (and perhaps you) learn more about HEAROS and Sleep Pretty In Pink ear plugs.


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