Highest NRR Ear Plugs – What Is The Highest Noise Reduction Rating Earplug?

By Monica Cohen, June 13th, 2010

The question, “What is the highest NRR rating for ear plugs?” is often raised by individuals and employers looking to protect their hearing.

The noise reduction rating (NRR) is a decibel measurement of how well a hearing protector device reduces noise as determined by the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency. As you may already have assumed, higher NRR ear plugs provide more sound level reduction.

Ear Plugs With Highest NRR

The highest NRR ear plugs offered by HEAROS are the Xtreme Protection Series. These comfortable and reusable ear plugs have a noise reduction rating of 33. That said, the Xtreme Protection HEAROS are used in many situations by people who want to sleep better, people who shoot guns (while hunting or at target practice), people who attend rock concerts and people who travel to help reduce ear pressure and ear popping while flying.

Considering that these are HEAROS’ highest NRR ear plugs, they are trusted to help reduce potentially dangerous or harmful noises.

For example, rock concerts can create a noise environment of 150 db. However, using Xtreme Protection HEAROS, with its high noise reduction rating of 33, the noise level drops to 117. That sound level is still above recommended levels, however, you can quickly understand how these relatively cheap ear plugs ($4.99 suggested list price) help protect your hearing.

To purchase the highest NRR ear plugs from HEAROS, please click here to see the retail and online stores that sell Xtreme Protection Series ear plugs.

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