High Decibel Ear Plugs… In The Studio, On Construction Sites, Etc.

By Monica Cohen, November 10th, 2010
Loud noise occurs in a number of ways such as rock concerts, construction sites and even in work environments. This noise can damage hearing temporarily but long term exposure can lead to permanent hearing damage and in some cases deafness. Wearing high decibel ear plugs from HEAROS can help prevent some of the loud noises experienced from causing hearing damage.

Home renovation projects can also be a source of loud noises. Power tools such as jack hammers, drills and pneumatic nail guns can create dangerous levels of damaging noise. Choosing high decibel ear plugs that have a high noise reduction rating can reduce the damage ears may experience while using these tools. Any home renovation project should include the use of ear protection with a high decibel rating being preferable to preserve hearing.

Another good use for HEAROS high decibel ear plugs involves clubs or music venues. Even bar music can often be too loud and can damage hearing with repeated exposure. HEAROS high decibel ear plugs offer a discrete way to protect hearing without losing sound quality. Keeping a pair of these noise reduction foam ear plugs in a pocket or purse when going out allows for easy access when confronted with a high decibel situation.

High decibel ear plugs can be worn in any situation where loud noises are present. Sleeping on an airplane is often another source of noise that can be relieved through the use of HEAROS ear plugs. High noise reduction rated ear plugs can damped many noises found on airplanes and allow wearers to sleep soundly while traveling. These ear plugs may also be used in hotels or other modes of transportation to block out any unwanted sounds.

Many of the HEAROS high decibel ear plugs come with a reusable storage case that protects the ear plugs when not in use. As some of these ear plugs are meant to be reusable, they should be kept in the storage case in order to keep them clean. If the ear plugs become damaged or dirty they should be replaced to avoid dirt or infection from getting into the ears.

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