Inexpensive Hearing Protection For Shooting Enthusiasts

By Monica Cohen, November 10th, 2010

There is an absolute need for hearing protection for shooting enthusiasts. Regardless of what one may think about hearing loss due to exposure to the sound of gunfire, it is a proven fact that hearing loss is both acute and chronic when ears are exposed to gunfire. It is unlikely that an old time shooter from decades ago who did not use hearing protection will argue his hearing loss was not caused by gunfire. A single gunshot can cause complete and permanent hearing loss in some individuals while it may take repeated exposure in others to get an equivalent loss. Why risk it when hearing protection from HEAROS is available for pocket change?

Hearing Shooting Ear Plugs Protection

HEAROS offers foam and long-term reusable earplugs for hearing protection for shooting and also for study and rest. There are earplugs for sleeping and study, musicians and concert goers, water sports, hunting and shooting, automobile racing events, air travel, and other loud noise environments. Not only does HEAROS offer hearing protection, they offer it in style with colors and cases to suit any taste. The styles available for hearing protection for shooting are the foam Xtreme Protection, Ultimate Soft, and the long-term reusable Skull Screws.

Stopping noise from reaching the ear drum caused by pressure waves from dangerous sounds such as gunfire is easy. It only takes a couple of seconds to insert HEAROS ear plugs. Many HEAROS brand ear plugs come in travel cases so that ear plugs are available at all times. Some come with a tiny case that can be attached to a keyring. There is no need to go without a means of protecting delicate hearing. Remember, if ringing in the ears is heard after exposure to a sound, damage has already occurred. Ringing and discomfort after exposure is a symptom of hearing damage indicating some hearing loss has resulted though it may be minute at this point. Loss can still occur without ringing or pain. Cumulatively over years those tiny losses add up to hearing loss that will be noticed.

Another great thing about the HEAROS brand of hearing protection is how they are available at stores such as Walgreens, Walmart, Target and RiteAid. With mass availability in stores of which many are open 24-hours, and at a very low cost, there is no reason to risk one’s hearing even for a second. Keep some HEAROS brand ear plugs on hand for not only hearing protection for shooting and hunting, but for other noisy environments such as mowing the lawn. You will be glad you did.

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