Ear Plugs for Toddlers: Protecting Little Ones From Hearing Loss

By Monica Cohen, November 11th, 2010

Most toddlers have very sensitive hearing. Since their hearing is such a precious commodity, protecting them from hearing loss and/or inner ear damage with HEAROS ear plugs for toddlers is a good solution. The concept of using earplugs for little ones is relatively new and seldom thought about because it just doesn’t seem important. However, it’s very important, especially in the toddler stage when their tiny inner ears are still developing.

Noises from motorcycles, trains and even toys can cause damage to their inner ears that can lead to some form of hearing loss. These are noises many people don’t consider to be hard on toddler’s ears because these sounds are so common place. This is mostly due to the lack of information about this form of toddler safety. It seems there’s a lot more information on toddler safety in other areas, but somehow the sense of hearing has been left behind until now.

It’s possible that even though a toddler may sleep through a screaming smoke alarm or a car alarm these sounds can still adversely affect their hearing. If anything the fact that a little one can sleep through such noises could possibly be a cause for concern. This isn’t intended to frighten parents, but awareness about hearing protection in the form of ear plugs for toddlers should be elevated several notches to match other safety issues. This way parents can take action to prevent hearing loss.

While some toddlers aren’t affected by some of the loud sounds they hear on a daily basis there are still other forms of noise pollution that should be of some concern to parents. There are several applications where ear plugs for toddlers are necessary. These instances can include:

  • airplanes
  • loud noises
  • music concerts
  • swimming
  • restful sleep
  • fireworks
  • loud toys

HEAROS are America’s most popular brand of earplugs for people of all ages for many reasons. They are easy to insert, easy to remove, effective at blocking out dangerous levels of noise and provide optimal noise protection for even little ears.

In particular HEAROS Multi-Use Silicone Series are a great product designed for kids. A toddler’s hearing should not be left to chance. Using ear plugs for toddlers to protect their hearing is a smart course of action.

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