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By Monica Cohen, July 11th, 2010

You’re intelligent enough to understand the threats of noise-related hearing loss, but that doesn’t mean that everything is hunky dory when it comes to keeping your ears protected. You’ve tried numerous different protection solutions, from hard ear plugs that painfully stretch canals to ear muffs that simply take up too much space. Fitting large and small canals with the right ear plugs size can really benefit people in need of hearing protection and reduced noise.

Ear Plugs - Large Ear Plugs Size and Small Ear Plugs Size

Large Ear Plugs & Small Ear Plugs Sizes Make A Difference – Just Ask OSHA

Waiting too long to protect your hearing equipment against overuse is like inviting deafness to sneak up on you. Even worse, you won’t notice the lack of clarity until it progresses to a irreversible stage and people seem to be yelling at you all the time.

Though such an experience may not become relevant until you reach old age, the microscopic damage that causes it can occur years in advance. Protect that one set of mics you’ve got while you can with an ear plugs size to fit you, otherwise make a general rule of avoiding even short-term exposure to anything loud enough to temporarily deafen you.

If you know your OSHA rules, you’re aware that for any professional environment with a noise level over 92 decibels you’re limited to a maximum 6 hours of work per day. For reference, 90 decibels is about as loud as a truck or bus passing by at a distance of 10 feet, or standing next to a running blender from a yard away. These OSHA limits are extreme because there is definitive research supporting the need for you to find the perfect ear plugs size. Such earplugs should expand to fit your particular ear with comfortable, soft and reusable foam.

HEAROS Offers Many Different Ear Plug Sizes

HEAROS, America’s favorite ear plug brand, offers over 10 different ear plug styles. Our products are designed to enhance your life and protect your ear with products including:

In addition, HEAROS also offers large ear plugs and small ear plugs – depending on your particular ear plug size. For example, HEAROS “for small canal” size ear plugs are designed to fit perfectly for anyone who’s ever experienced a problem getting earplugs in, or making sure that they stay there.

With high noise reduction ratings that help athletes, entertainers, laborers and technicians in a variety of fields, HEAROS ear plugs are the only way to guarantee you stay alert, focused and aware in the face of any uproarious din.

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