Ear Plugs For Flying – Reduce Pressure, Enhance Comfort!

By Monica Cohen, June 19th, 2010

Want Help Reducing Ear Discomfort During Air Travel?

It is impossible to block all sound coming into the ear canal but there are effective and affordable ear plugs for flying. In particular, foam earplugs have vastly improved in comfort and noise reduction because of the unique technological developments used within HEAROS products. That said, several varieties of sound-silencing ear filters now exist for your air travel needs.

Air Plane Flying - Discomfort, Pain, Ear Pressure - Use Ear Plugs

Avoid Ear Popping, Gum Smacking And “Falling Out” Ear Plugs

Many travelers experience painful pressure in the ears and “popping” caused by changing cabin pressure throughout the air flight. Prior to HEAROS, all purpose foam ear plugs for flying slipped out of the ear, were irritating, and had to be twisted deeply to filter sound.

Antiquated techniques to end painful ear pressure like gum chewing or placing a warm towel behind the ears were simply not effective deterrents to ear discomfort. There is no need to risk ear pain and lengthy “after flight” hearing impairment when a pain reducer exists that is highly effective.

HEAROS Flying Ear Plugs

HEAROS, America’s favorite ear plug brand, developed an ear pressure reducing series of ear plugs for flying that will allow you to travel with greater ease. These products carry noise reduction ratings to meet your specific requirements and comfort options for almost any ear – big or small.

Once fit into the ear properly (go here for our ear plug fitting instructions), the noise reduction is measurably increased. The Xtreme Protection Series supplies the user with 7 or 14 filters and a carrying case to reduce the inconvenience of a lost plug. Also, Xtreme Protection HEAROS have the highest noise reduction rating (33) on the market.

HEAROS product line also carries the Multi-Use Silicone ear plugs for flying if you prefer ear plugs made of silicone. Both silicone and foam ear plugs for flying from HEAROS are cost effective. Depending on your specific need, comfort, portability, or increased noise reduction you will save time and money avoiding over the counter ear pressure or pain reducing medication.

Flying Ear Plugs Made Of Silicone Ear Plugs

Insertion Instructions Makes Wearing Ear Plugs During Flights Easy!

Those reluctant to purchase a foam earplug for flying have indicated that ear plugs can slip from the ear. However, HEAROS design and research teams have developed ear plugs that remains well placed within the ear. Simply lift the ear tip with the opposite hand by pulling up on the ear as you place the earplug, and then release the ear, and the plug fits snug. Removal of the ear filter is equally simple just reverse the process.

Fend Off Ear Pressure Shifts With Ear Plugs For Travelers

These ear plugs work by maintaining pressure in the inner ear that can cause pain or discomfort — and even lingering sinus pain as the airplane ascends and descends at the end of your flight. Without these unique flying ear plugs, some travelers find a lingering discomfort and hearing impairment during layovers and after the flight.

HEAROS ear plugs help enhance comfort at 30,000 feet up in the air. The foam or silicone ear plugs for flying allow comfortable travel with minimal noise — from the cell phone next to you or the pressure of the cabin during air travel.

Where To Buy HEAROS Ear Plugs?

There are many ways to purchase a pair of HEAROS foam ear plugs, plastic ear plugs or silicone earplugs. To get your HEAROS, click here to buy our ear plugs.

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