Ear Plugs For Children – Protect Your Kids Hearing!

By Monica Cohen, June 19th, 2010

There are very few things in this world that are as important as our senses. Our sight allows beautiful images to be seen. Our sense of smell allows us to know when dinner is read. Our sense of touch lets us feel the warmth of a summer day. Our taste allows us to enjoy a home cooked meal. And, our sense of sound allows us to communicate and hear everything wonderful in our world.

Loud Noises Hearing Protection For Children

Protecting our hearing has been challenging in recent years as noise pollution continues to soar in urban settings. Unfortunately, ear plugs for children are rarely ever worn. These safety hearing protection devices are available but seldom worn due to lack of education and awareness.

Hearing Damage Impacts Children, Teens and Adults

Our children do not deserve to the possibility of hearing loss, which is a possibility if they are exposed to very loud sounds for the early portion of their lives. Unfortunately, children like loud sounds, but ear plugs for children should be worn when kids are near something that is loud or something that could become loud – like a loud speaker, stereo, rock concert, motorcycle, fireworks, boat engines, etc..

Scientific research has shown that the most important time for development of the ear drum and surrounding structures of the ear is when children are very young. Loud noises can easily disrupt and even stunt the growth and maturation of these small structures. This means that if children are exposed to very loud noises before they reach five years old and they have not been wearing ear protection, they could lose their ability to hear.

Thousands of children are losing their hearing because children’s ear plugs are not being worn with adequate noise reduction protection. It is the responsibility of the parents to help kids remember to wear them and help them benefit from foam ear plugs or silicone ear plugs. It is for the good of the future to protect the ears of our kids.

Ear Plugs For Children

HEAROS Ear Plugs For Children

Ear plugs for children is a fairly new concept because loud noises have not been viewed as a serious threat to hearing. As it happens to be, many of the things that children love most — such as trains, cars, airplanes, and even video games — are very loud. That said, children need to wear ear plugs when they are around noises with decibel reading greater than 85.

For this reason, HEAROS has embarked on an extensive campaign to drive awareness of ear plug benefits across the world. Currently, HEAROS has created a free ear plug trial program where visitors to HEAROS.com can get one free complimentary set of ear plugs – at no cost. We want parents and kids to become familiar with ear plugs not tomorrow, not next week but right now!

Hearing is a sense that can never be returned to someone once it is lost. With every loud bang and every noisy boom that we hear, our hearing can deteriorate. It can be hard to tell because it happens so subtly, but every loud noise that happens near a child could be destroying their hearing unless they are wearing ear plugs for children.

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