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By Monica Cohen, June 26th, 2010
It doesn’t really matter what current project you’ve got crews swarming over in a race to complete, there’s going to be some minimum noise level around any construction site. Power tools, heavy equipment and materials processing all contribute their part to the noisy din that every job site evolves into. And, there’s nothing like having to pay for insurance costs due to hearing loss. For these reasons, construction ear plugs help workers get their jobs done in comfort and good health — so that you can stay in business.

The Benefits of Ear Plug Use On Construction Sites

If you are a construction professional, you know how uncomfortably noisy your work becomes even when things are in a slow period. Chain saws, for example, operate at a sound level of 100 decibels of noise. Your employer knows it too, and they need to respect your health by protecting your hearing in the most convenient way possible. Waiting until you’ve been building for a few months to ask for some construction ear plugs is a bad idea, as permanent hearing damage often goes relatively unnoticed for years.

While there are federal regulations regarding the amount of noise exposure workers can receive on a daily basis, these often fall far short of meeting the minimum requirements for full time employment in a noisy zone or area. Earmuffs are commonly used in large industrial jobs where loudness is an issue, but these are seldom made to fit under a hard hat, and often need to be combined with another form of protection to be effective at all. Construction ear plugs are the best way to protect your hearing when you work around the backhoes, cranes, boom lifts and hydraulic or electrical equipment so common around rising new buildings and excavations.

HEAROS, America’s favorite brand of ear plugs, offer ear plugs for construction that fit snugly right into any worker’s ears due to the expansive soft foam material that allows them to fill the ear canal opening completely and securely, even when workers need to hang in precarious positions. They’re made to reduce noise to a harmless level, not to completely silence it, so that wearers still retain full attention and knowledge of what’s going on nearby. In situations where a moment’s carelessness can cause tragedy, these ear protection devices don’t take away from one’s ability to react. Ensure that all of your building sites maintain a “zero incident rate” by providing yourself and your hardworking staff with HEAROS ear plugs.

Xtreme Protection Series Ear Plugs For Construction Sites
Specifically,  you should consider HEAROS Xtreme Protection Series ear plugs. These special ear plugs maintain a noise reduction rating of 33. Plus, they comfortable, reusable and relatively inexpensive (starting at $4.99 for seven pairs).

Construction Site Ear Plugs With NRR of 33 By HEAROS

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