The Best Ear Plugs for Swimming – Plastic and Silicone Options

By Monica Cohen, September 10th, 2010

Swimmer’s ear is probably the most common ailment brought on by spending time in the water, whether that time is in the pool, the sea, or the bathtub. But there is a simple way to prevent swimmer’s ear, and that is to use a pair of the best ear plugs for swimming, which are made by HEAROS.

Ear Plugs Protect Against Swimmer’s Ear

The official name of swimmer’s ear is otitis externa, and it is a painful condition that affects the outer ear. The outer ear consists of the outside part of the ear as well as the ear canal. Too much moisture in the outer ear can change the acidity levels that naturally occur in the ear. Losing too much acidity can allow bacteria to infiltrate the outer ear. Once it takes hold, that bacteria can cause pain that gradually increases over a period of days. The ear may appear red and it may also itch. Swelling of the ear canal can also occur, making it difficult to hear.

Swimmer’s ear is not usually an emergency condition. Over the counter drops may alleviate the symptoms and simple pain killers can control the discomfort. Applying warmth through use of a heating pad or a warm, damp cloth can help with discomfort as well. A trip to the doctor’s office may be necessary if symptoms don’t disappear within a couple of days. But preventing the condition is simpler and more comfortable than curing it. That’s where the best ear plugs for swimming come in.

Ear plugs that stop water from gaining entry into the ear canal can definitely help you avoid this painful condition. But just any ear plugs won’t do. HEAROS makes the best ear plugs for swimming that you can find. Then, after swimming, apply homemade ear drops to prevent swimmer’s ear from occurring. This is a simple recipe consisting of a half and half mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Three to four drops in each ear after swimming will help the ear canal dry out and restore acidity.

Whether you swim, surf, or dive, the HEAROS water protection series may be the best ear plugs for you. These ear plugs are washable and reusable, and should keep water out of the ears no matter how much time you spend in the water.

If plastic isn’t your thing, the HEAROS Silicone Ear Plug, one of the multi-use series, may be more to your liking. These are some of the best ear plugs for swimming and are perfect for keeping water the ears, plus they float in water and are extremely soft and comfortable.

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