Best Ear Plugs For The Plane?

By Monica Cohen, November 2nd, 2010

The world is getting noisier every day and now more than ever, it is important to pursue hearing protection measures that will keep your inner ear functioning at peak performance levels. Plane rides can be a very noisy and at times uncomfortable experience unless you think ahead and purchase plane ear plugs to ensure your traveling comfort. The HEAROS ear plug brand has several different ear plug models that are perfect for airplane travel. Consider bringing them on your next trip in order to avoid noise irritations and possible hearing damage.

Ear Plugs For Air Plane Travel

Benefits of Airplane Ear Plugs

Plane ear plugs offer a terrific means of protecting your hearing from loud airplane engine noises and the irritating din of other travelers in your flight cabin. In addition, ear plugs help to reduce the amount of popping and pressure experienced in your ears during the flight’s take-off and landing, or during any significant in-flight change in altitude.

If you are intent on catching up on needed sleep during your flight, HEAROS plane ear plugs can block out the noise so you can rest no matter what is going on around you. HEAROS brand ‘Sleep in Pretty Pink’ ear plugs are perfect for use by women on airplanes, as they are designed for an ultra-soft fit, a high level of sound blockage (up to 32 decibels) and a carrying case to make bringing ear plugs on the plane as simple as possible. These HEAROS plane ear plugs can be purchased online or at virtually any drug store.

Airplane Ear Plug Options

Men and women that are particularly sensitive when it comes to their ears or skin should consider using HEAROS brand ‘Ultimate Soft’ ear plugs during your next plane ride. This ear plug line was the very first launched by the HEAROS brand in 1992. These ear plugs have since helped millions of people to protect their ears and get some rest while in flight. Plane ear plugs in the ‘Ultimate Soft’ line are designed for optimal ear comfort levels and they protect your eardrum from sounds up to 32 dB in volume.

Xtreme HEAROS Ear Plugs

With a noise reduction rate of 33, ‘Xtreme Protection’ HEAROS ear plugs are perfect for travelers that wish to hear absolutely nothing around them while in flight. These ear plugs are designed to block out the loudest of noises, such as NASCAR racing cars and full-blast concerts. Pop these HEAROS plane ear plugs in as soon as you get situated in your flight cabin and say goodbye to the noise around you for as long as you so desire.

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