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By Monica Cohen
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How to Change the Washington Redskins Racist Name

January 28th, 2016

city leadership and Washington’s (nonvoting) member of the House of Representatives (who cosigned the letter). But, so far, he seems immune to such pressure.

So it was a point the 10 lawmakers made later in their letter that likely highlights the way towards
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replica oakleys And it doesn’t have to do
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As ThinkProgress’ Travis Waldron explains, "Losing the trademark wouldn’t force the Redskins to
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Pro sports (as I’ve noted here before) is a big business and there are myriad ways in which the government is implicitly or explicitly backing the profits of franchises and their owners. And teams, as every fight over public subsidies for a

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For precedent, it’s worth revisiting what led Washington’s football franchise to integrate.
discount nhl jerseys wholesale Then owner George Preston Marshall was perfectly content to play up the team’s racist history, leaving it
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So these 10 members of Congress hit on perhaps the best approach for getting Snyder to change his mind: not going after his sense of decency, but his bottom line.